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Verdeam has a strong record of finding Value Add and current income properties to help our investors reach their financial goals.

Manufactured Housing

Verdeam is the Majority Owner of Meritus Communities, and performs all investor facing activities. The Verdeam team is responsible for the creation and management of all private partnerships. They handle all capital raises, portfolio accounting and management, investor reporting and relationships, quarterly accounting reviews, and preparations for year-end audits
Meritus Communities is the General Partner of all partnerships and its subsidiary, Meritus Property Management, performs all community operations. In the first two years of operations, Meritus has hired a number of industry professionals with targeted skills and expertise to successfully execute its strategies. Together they have been able to leverage their working relationships and implement a professional sales and leasing program to drive occupancy growth and NOI. Through granular marketing efforts they have been able to source a variety of acquisitions through Principal-to-Principal transactions. Their effectiveness is evidenced by portfolio-wide growth and improvement.

Where we are

Verdeam and Meritus currently have 33 manufactured housing communites representing over 12,000 sites.